WARNING: If you are frustrated, confused, or downright pissing bullets because yet ANOTHER workout routine has failed you, you MUST read this special report
Discover How I Learned to FORCE my Body to Pack on Pound After Pound of Rock Hard Muscle ONLY AFTER I Stopped Making this 
Hi, my name is Ryan Masters, and if you’ve seen my videos on Youtube you know that I am NOT a bodybuilder.

You’ll never catch me calling myself a fitness “guru.”

And even though I am a certified Strength & Conditioning Expert, I’m not even a full time personal trainer.
Really, I’m just a guy who went from looking like this
To this
in a matter of months, and I did it …
  • without spending hours in the gym
  • without steroids
  • without taking some crazy supplement or chasing down the workout of the week
  • and without relying on will power
It was only when I learned to focus on the right thing that my body began to transform. And I learned about it from the strangest of places: from a movie, and a movie star. (More on that in a second.)

But first, I want to make sure I’m talking to the right guy:
If you are finally fed up with the junk advice and false promises in fitness magazines and outright scams infecting the internet – and you’re just looking for the plain simple truth on a realistic way to get the body you’ve always dreamed of having (a body that will intimidate and attract) – then this message will be the most important one you read all year.
Because I’ve been able to help:
  • stick-thin guys who are sick of having the body of a ten year-old boy
  • frustrated dads who yearn to be a good example for their kids and have enough energy to keep up with them
  • grandpas who want to be improve their health so they’ll be alive and able to pick up their great grandchildren
  • men with demanding jobs (firefighters, cops, security guards) who’ve been out of the academy for a few years and have fallen off the training wagon (and realize they’re falling behind their peers)
  • guys who won’t be caught dead stripping off their shirts at the beach (afraid to let all that belly fat spill out)
  • and hundreds of guys who’ve tried one system after another only to face a loss of motivation, no gains, and months of time wasted
And I helped them get in the best shape of their lives just with the simple, clear directions I’m going to reveal to you today. Keep reading, and I promise to show you exactly how I discovered the exact system I used to develop an action-hero body.
I was going nowhere fast
I’m 5’9” and I was never one of the “big guys.” But I desperately wanted to look jacked and ripped, to establish a physical presence that demanded respect wherever I went. (And, let’s be honest – have a body that women are forced to stare at.)

I spent years in the gym trying to build an action-star body and looked for any information I could find to get me there fast.
I gobbled up the latest fitness advice from the muscle magazines … scoured the internet for the latest scientific studies about how to activate human growth hormone and testosterone naturally … loitered around the “big guys” at the gym, hoping to hear the latest weird tip … and tried every exotic workout and so-called “scientific” method I could get my hands on.

And my body barely budged.

It was so frustrating, because I really was trying hard. But the problem was, there were so many different things to try, and I had no idea which one was supposed to work. I mean, the combinations were literally endless, and everybody has an opinion.

Should I try split sets? Focus on isolation exercises? Muscle confusion? Gobble down a bucket of carbs 10 minutes before working out -- or 3 hours before -- or never? What was the right combination of supplements that I should be taking (and do supplements even work?) How many times should I even be working out? Or should I barely train at all? I mean, I even read studies where guys trained really hard … but only one day each month! Another report showed guys using “static contraction”, where all you do is hold a heavy weight in place without moving.

And tons of others. If I had 100 lifetimes I don’t think I could experiment with them all.

Needless to say, it was depressing, and the lack of gains and my permanent state of confusion destroyed most of my will power. After all, who wants to drag his butt off to the gym when nothing changes?

Call me weak, but I don’t think the right thing to do is just try harder when nothing is changing
The Fitness Program Roller Coaster
So I quit many times. And started up again. And quit. I call it the “fitness roller coaster”. Maybe you know what I mean.

After going through a grueling 90 day program, you finally get depressed when your body hasn’t really changed. So you quit working out.

Then a few months go by, and suddenly you see something that shocks you back into action. Maybe you catch an embarrassing glimpse in the mirror of the belly fat poking out of your jeans … or see some dude pulling off his shirt to reveal a chiseled chest and six-pack.

Or maybe you’re up late watching an infomercial about a new “magic” supplement that somehow transforms your body into a muscle-sprouting machine. Or you get excited by a new online workout program you stumble across … and after you stare longingly at all those convincing “before and after” photos, you shell out a bunch of cash for another empty promise.

And you return to the gym and work insanely hard for a few months …

… only to fizzle out when you look in the mirror and see basically the same body staring back at you. (After all, your spark could last only so long.)

And so it goes. I’ve ridden that roller coaster way too many times.

And that’s where I found myself a few years ago. Burned out.
What I Learned At The Movies
It was a Friday evening one day a few years back when I went to the movie theater with some buddies after an exhausting week. (I was running two different businesses at the time and this was a rare moment for me to unwind.) It was the opening night of the movie 300, starring Gerard Butler, about the famous last stand of a group of ancient Spartans who faced an army of overwhelming numbers.

I was settled in my comfy chair, my hands wrapped around a massive tub of buttered popcorn and a gigantic cup of soda, when the movie began. (Hey, I was feeling depressed.)

The movie blew me away.

Now, if you haven’t seen 300, you should. Because it tells the story of the most incredible odds ever faced by a military force in human history.

Gerard Butler plays Spartan King Leonidas, who leads his band of Spartans against an invading Persian army of 80,000 (according to modern estimates). And though Leonidas and his men die, they manage to strike a crippling blow that crucially delays the Persian army so the Athenians have time to mount a crushing naval attack.

The movie was awesome (I left the theater super pumped, ready to lash at imaginary foes with my imaginary sword … heh, sometimes you gotta feel like a kid for a bit.)
And because I was a history major in college, I knew a little about the Spartan battle at Thermopylae that was shown in the movie. And also the about the upbringing of the Spartans. Those guys really were the badasses of the ancient world. Everyone was in awe of their prowess.

And how did they get that way?

I can tell you how they DIDN’T get that way: they didn’t take steroids, they didn’t do fancy workouts on isolation machines, and they didn’t follow some crazy fad diet, or the theory of the week.

No, the Spartans become the most feared military machine in the ancient world because of their simple approach to fitness, battle, and life.

That’s what the word “Spartan” has come to mean, right? Simple. Stripped Down. Nothing fancy but what works.

It occurred to me right then in the movie theater that I had been over-complicating my efforts to create the body I had always dreamed about.

And that flash of insight was reinforced when I stumbled across the advice of a guy you might have heard of. A guy who’s spent some time as an action hero himself.
Enter Arnold
For years, you couldn’t glance at a magazine rack without seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger staring back at you. And, because those magazines stay in business by revealing the latest “secrets” (and filling ad space for supplement companies), the Governator was often seen promoting new exotic routines like split-sets and obscure isolation exercises.

But Arnold himself didn’t believe the hype … because he knew that wasn’t how he had developed the body that earned him 7 Mr. Olympia and 3 Mr. Universe titles and helped make him the biggest action star in the world for decades.

In his revealing early book, The Education of a Bodybuilder, Arnold has this to say about fancy “fad” routines:
"American magazines wrote about the split routine as if it were my secret: it became the big thing. Everybody thought that was how I’d grown as much as I had in such a short time …. From the beginning, I was a believer in the basic movements, because that was Reg Park's preference."
(Reg Park was Arnold’s fitness icon, a Mr. Universe champion who also starred as Hercules, a role that Arnold would later reprise.)

Arnold goes on to describe his very simple workout routine:

"I was doing heavy squats, heavy bench presses, and this provided some of the foundation work of my body, which has always made me appear strong. Certain bodybuilders lack that look. They have good bodies but they don’t appear powerful. The reason is inadequate foundation training."
Have you ever noticed that? A guy who has bulging biceps but is unable to lift a bag of concrete above his head? Arnold goes on to talk about the lessons of his mentor:
"Reg Park had been a powerlifter; he had done squats with 600 pounds, bench presses with 500 pounds and dead lifts of over 700 pounds. I saw no reason why I shouldn’t continue in the same groove. I won the German championships in heavy-weight powerlifting before I stopped."
So what was Arnold’s secret?
Squats, deadlifts, and bench press, and a handful of other basic exercises that focus on building STRENGTH.

Could it really be that simple? Was the key to a powerful body that turned heads and made me proud to look in the mirror be those same basic exercises that we were taught to do in high school weight training class?

Arnold thought so. And the simplicity of it rang true, especially as I pondered the wisdom of the ancient Spartans.

But it was more than just the simple, basic exercises.

The fact is, Arnold was focused on the right thing: building strength.

To build muscle, you don’t focus on building muscle. You focus on building strength.

This is a huge shift in perspective, and it makes all the difference. You MUST make sure you’re pursuing the right thing.

Think of it this way: It’s a lot like people who constantly pursue “being happy.” These kind of people skip from one pleasure to the next. But they never achieve real happiness, because they’re not focusing on the right thing. You don’t become happy by pursuing happiness. You gain happiness when you pursue other things that create happiness: things like health, family, balance, and purpose.

And the same rules apply to building a healthy, intimidating body. You don’t chase muscle gains.
The Key: Pursue a constant increase in strength.
So I went back to the “laboratory” of the gym. I focused on the simple compound exercises that worked major muscle groups. I focused on just getting stronger.

Did it work? See for yourself:
I poured all my efforts into getting stronger. And each time I grew stronger – each time I was able to slap on another 5 pound plate to the bar during bench press – my muscles bulked out a little bigger.

Get stronger, and your muscles grow bigger. Imagine that.

Getting stronger proved to be the foundation I needed. It didn’t end there, however. I discovered many other things about workouts, nutrition, and rest that absolutely had to be in place for me to sustain my gains.
Who wants to start another
'90 Day' Program?
Now, as soon as I began to experience these changes, it wasn’t long before my friends and family began to notice. They badgered me to share the secrets I had learned.

Well, I had learned a lot. And I didn’t want to map out yet another 90 day style program that makes it hard to keep the motivation up. Or overload them with a bucket of information.
Isn’t that a common problem? Too many workouts make bold promises, but then they dump so much information in your lap, that you don’t know where to start.

Even worse, they make you focus on completing a 60, 90, or 120 journey to achieve your goal.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep up my motivation and will power for 90 days.

So I went back to the lessons of the Spartans and proven successes like Schwarzenegger to design a system that is NOT dependent on will power … a truly revolutionary program that breaks through all the confusion.
Introducing A Spartan Rises™
I poured everything into a brand new system that cuts through the hype to actually achieve real world gains that you can see each week, sometimes every day. Inspired by the story of the band of brothers who beat impossible odds, I modeled the program after the heroic Spartans.

I call it A Spartan Rises, and it’s a brotherhood for the right type of person.

A Spartan Rises is a unique training program that builds your ideal body one brick of muscle at a time. It:
  • Requires less than 3 to 5 hours a week at the gym (TOTAL!)
  • Is SUSTAINABLE & precise: ideal for driven men making things happen in their lives
  • Doesn’t require starving yourself
  • Involves only short, intense, stimulating workouts
  • Starts showing progress during week 2
  • NO complicated, confusing workouts
  • Adapts to fit YOUR fast-paced lifestyle
Now, the most important thing you have to know about A Spartan Rises™ is that the program is designed to be completed, not just purchased, unlike so many products lurking online.

A Spartan Rises™ features a unique program design so you won’t be overloaded by a wave of information crashing down upon you. Instead, you’re provided with a clear, steady stream of valuable knowledge to take the next step in your journey.
Can You Commit To Training For Just One Week?
When you take the life-changing journey that is A Spartan Rises, the only thing you have to focus on is the week ahead of you.

Each week, you receive a specific set of simple tasks to complete. You’ll watch a few training videos. And I’ll be in constant contact, sending you a series of short, useful coaching emails to help you overcome common pitfalls.

The week – which I call a “Spartan 7” – is your sole focus.

So you can finally forget the 90 day slog. When you only look at the week in front of you, you’ll never lose motivation again.

And instead of hoping to see a magical transformation overnight (and getting crushed and quitting when you don’t see it) you’ll learn to track the significant improvements you can make every single week. You’ll learn to master what I call “The Spartan Strength Ladder”, a unique way of approaching training that will completely revolutionize your strength gains, giving you unlimited motivation and the will to complete your journey.

Because let’s face it -- transforming your body IS a journey. When you choose to build a Spartan body, you’re making a choice for a different way of life. It’s a different way of looking at yourself.

It’s a life where you don’t have to be ashamed of what you see in the mirror. Where you can stand before your mate and your children with pride, knowing that you are setting an example of what it means to be a man.

It’s the kind of pride that doesn’t magically appear overnight … and it’s not something you can buy. I can’t even give it to you. Only you can.

But I can provide you with a proven path for that journey, one that has worked for hundreds of guys.
Here’s what you get in
A Spartan Rises
Spartan Rises™ Levereaged Training Program

Spartan-specific training to increase your functional strength, lean muscle mass and reduce body-fat. Just 3x week for less than 60 minutes and you'll build muscle faster than you thought possible.
Spartan Doctore Coaching Videos

Access to over 21 weekly Spartan coaching videos jam-packed with my personal training secrets & strategies. You’ll discover how to use the Spartan Leverage process to easily integrate fitness into your busy lifestyle.
Spartan Doctore Mindset Coaching Emails

Over 57 power packed, entertaining e-mails will give you the Spartan mindset necessary for winning those ‘inner battles’ you MUST fight as you build your Spartan strength. These have NEVER been released and are for Spartans in training ONLY.
Muscle Building & Fat Loss Food Intake Plans
No area has more confusion than this one: how to get lean while adding bulk.  Not any longer.  You’ll also get a custom food dial calculator plus food lists and meal plans to guarantee you get that cut look you’re after.

7-Day Live Video Food Intake "Behind the Scenes"
Follow along and see EXACTLY what and when I eat (including pre/post workout meals) for 7 days. You'll discover how I prep meals, what I do when I go out to a restaurant, and even go grocery shopping with me as I show you how to REALLY decode food labels.

Spartan Inferno Training

Stop wasting time with long, boring cardio. Get ripped faster by following the included Spartan Inferno training that raises your metabolic rate and burns calories long after you stopped exercising for the day.
Instant Access to the Spartan Stronghold Community

Join fellow Rising Spartans on your journey for extra motivation, support and accountability. Only the best are allowed in so you will be among like-minded, driven men.
Lifetime Access to A Spartan Rises™

Many Spartan Trainees follow this program for 6-9 months.  And many more revisit it after a year of training to brush up their mindset.  Your purchase includes lifetime access so you can go back over the videos & materials whenever you please.
When you start the journey of A Spartan Rises™, here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:
  • How to unleash your body’s natural supply of testosterone and growth hormone directly into your muscles (and leave them no choice but to grow)
  • Why you must ditch never-ending cardio sessions. (A lot of so-called gurus throw at all cardio. But there’s a way to do it right to supercharge your body’s fat-burning furnace. I’ll show you how)
  • How to harness the amazing training secrets of Olympic gymnasts. (I’ll explain how these guys -- who never touch weights -- are able to develop such impressive physiques by focusing on exercises that stoke the male body’s hormonal engine)
  • How to develop your own “super magnet” that will pull you through the hard parts of the program (especially the days after a leg workout;)
  • Why you should NEVER workout like a bodybuilder (unless you’re taking steroids)
  • Secrets of the Spartans: How to “outsource your will power” by using your environment to your advantage so you’re working smarter, not harder (make these tiny tweaks in your surroundings and you’ll massively amplify your efforts)
  • How to prevent the catabolic cycle from destroying your muscle gains
  • The Schwarzenegger secret for exploding muscle growth in your weak spots
  • Forget about getting bogged down in the beginning by trying to measure every little thing about your body. I’ll reveal the only 3 things you need to measure (and how to do so almost effortlessly)
  • How to make continual progress so you’re never stuck in plateaus again
  • Learn the secret documented by the American Journal of Physiology that allows you to multiply your efforts in the gym. (You only have a LIMITED time after each workout to do this!)
  • The four essential ingredients you MUST get after each workout
  • How to avoid wasting the sweat and intensity of your workouts by priming your muscles before-hand for maximum growth
  • How to raise an impervious shield against invading free radicals that swarm to attack your muscles cells after you train
  • The secret for placing your body into a muscle-growth matrix so that it unleashes a flood of human growth hormone and testosterone while you’re doing nothing
  • 7 ways to recover from fatigue and stress
  • Why pre-workout supplements can cause you to crash and fail. Learn this so you’ll be alert to hidden ingredients that can sabotage your workout
  • How to avoid getting sidelined by feelings of bloat and sluggishness
  • The secret ingredient for smashing through strength plateaus (never get stuck lifting the same weight for weeks when you carry this secret weapon in your gym bag)
  • Mental wizardry secrets that are scientifically proven to work! (You’ll be shocked to read about the psychology study that demonstrates how your mind can be harnessed to actually change your physical performance)
  • Discover how to “hack” any other training program so it works for you
  • How to avoid damaging your central nervous system (even though you feel “fine” you may be doing irreparable damage to your body unless you learn to do this!)
  • Building muscle with the wrong foods will leave you looking like an NFL lineman with a muffin top.  Find out how to use the 3 dials with lists of foods and food combinations that pack on hard lean muscle.
  • How to master the 'Food Dials' to your advantage so you will always know exactly what and when to fuel your body for optimum performance & muscle growth.
  • Discover the tools apps, automated made-for-you menu plans and food lists Doctore uses during every Spartan 7 period to reach his body targets while running two businesses and busy social life.
  • While you might create sixpack abs in the gym, you UNCOVER or BURY them with every meal you eat.  Learn how to ditch the belly blubber with these fat shredding foods and combinations.

And a whole lot more. The entire A Spartan Rises™ is packed with information. With over 119 minutes of instruction, weekly coaching emails, and several instantly downloadable guides, I’ll be with you each step of the way, guiding you on your journey.

If you were to get this kind of one-on-one time with a personal trainer (assuming you found one who knew what he was doing), you wouldn’t be surprised to be paying hundreds of dollars over several weeks. But you won’t be paying anywhere near that.
Can You See Yourself As A Spartan?
Remember that building a Spartan Body isn’t a flash-in-the-pan event. I think you know deep in your heart that quick fixes don’t work.

Instead, lasting change is a lifelong journey.

Imagine walking down that road.

It begins with your body, as you progress up the strength ladder and see yourself lifting heavier and heavier weights. It quickly translates into practical strength around the house: Suddenly you’re able to move around furniture and boxes with ease, and you don’t have to gasp for breath when you play with your kids.

You begin to see the changes in the mirror when you step out of the shower. Instead of a stick-thin boy’s body or an aging, flabby marshmallow of a man, you’re proud to see tight slabs of muscle covering your frame.

And you aren’t the only one who notices. Your wife or girlfriend will find it hard not to stare, and even other guys will react differently when they “size you up”, giving you a little more space.

Most importantly of all, you realize that you are not the same person you used to be. You’ve learned that you can accomplish great things. You are proud of the man you’ve become and the example you are setting, for friends or your children. You have the certain knowledge – and not just a vague hope – that you can be the man you’ve always wanted to be.

Suddenly, you’re brimming with an energy and confidence that magnifies everything you do.

Can you see yourself doing that?
You have 3 Choices
Well, you don’t have to do it alone, or take the gamble of relying on will power. After all, there are plenty of people and events waiting to sabotage your workout efforts. And there are three basically ways you can deal with these:
  • One: You run away. Quit. Give up. This is the coward’s path, and it rarely works (because the soldier who scurries away is usually the first one to get impaled in the back).
  • Two: You tough it out and fight head on. Brute force. You tell yourself you just have to use will power to proceed. You might think this is the Spartan Way, but it’s not …
  • Three: You make the enemy come to you under conditions of YOUR choosing. You alter your environment so your enemy plays into your hands. This is the smart way – the way that combines STRENGTH and INTELLIGENCE. This is the Spartan Way. You put your effort and strength where it COUNTS, not fritter and waste it on worthless time wasters. I teach you how to do exactly this in A Spartan Rises™.
Make no mistake. You are fighting a battle.

You’re fighting a battle against laziness, against inertia, against your self-image as a weak person.

You’re fighting a battle against time wasters, obligations, changes in schedules.

You’re fighting a battle against your body’s reluctance to workout.

You’re fighting a battle against being cheap, not wanting to invest in proper nutrients, gym membership, and the essential knowledge that will allow you to transform.

So a battle is being waged... how will you respond?
There is nothing to fear.

Not only am I offering a 100% money-back guarantee…

I am offering a SPARTAN-CLAD 200% Money-Back Guarantee
That's right.

I'll refund you TWICE the cost of A Spartan Rises™ if you complete the program and are not satisfied (for any reason) within the first 60 days.
60 - Day
*DOUBLE* Your Money-Back

Join today and see the difference in two weeks.
Are you ready Spartan?
What Men Like You Are Saying About A Spartan Rises...
I have always had a strong mentality towards my work ethic in school and with the push I got from the Spartan program I was able to direct that mentality towards my body. If I can put in the work to make a physical change in my body, which everyone knows isn't easy, I'm sure I can almost do anything. This program has definitely made this mentality on mine even stronger. When working out I remember that I am doing it for no one except myself and that's all that matters. I reach for greatness and nothing can stop me. Having this work out that I do keeps me disciplined. While I am attending college it is nice to keep myself disciplined. I work out, I eat, I go to class, I truck through the mountain pile of homework I get, I go to the occasional basketball game, and I get my rest. I feel great and that's all I wanted.

The biggest concept that I have taken from this program is to keep moving forward. There is only you that can stop you, and if you think otherwise, then you need to man up and stop blaming others. Never give up. Never surrender. **
Ryan b
You likely get hundreds of emails like this a day, so I appreciate you reading mine. (If for some reason you do not receive recognition regularly for what you do, then I genuinely hope this resonates with you). I apologize in advance that it is a bit long, but I did my best to be deliberate with my words.

Why you are a bad ass:

I am inspired by you. Period. Your mindset, positivity, kindness, passion, discipline, and approach to everything you do are rare attributes. I aspire every day to assimilate these characteristics. You've got them down to a science.

In addition to these characteristics, you stand out from the YouTube fitness crowd like a neon light. You are humble, straight forward, and practice what you preach.

Additionally, because of my own career experiences, I deeply admire your entrepreneurship and the successful career you have made for yourself with AdWords and websites.

I have read every single email you have sent, watched every video you have put out, and have purchased the Food Intake Breakthrough + GMW courses. I wish I had access to even more of your content about mindset and drive (beyond just the Spartan Rises emails).

My Story:

I am a 5'5" 26 year old from Denver, CO. I have managed sales teams of up to 20 people, and been a key contributor at AdTech startups for my career (one that was acquired, one that failed, and now one that is growing). I have also been playing guitar for 17 years and have played WarpedTour.

A little over a year ago I was in a severe snowmobiling accident. I hit a tree head-on, totaled the snowmobile, broke (and separated) my wrist, cracked my sternum, and bored a hole into my knee. I then had to ride on the back of someone else's one-seater for 45 minutes out of the woods.

After surgery, a plate, stitches, and about 9 months of physical therapy, I was able to recover. BUT I had gained about 10 lbs and gotten very weak (especially on one side of my body).

So I went in search of the most bad ass guy I could find to help me on my quest to not only help me fully recover, but to get the [spartan] body I have always wanted. Thanks to you, I have now fully recovered, lost 10 lbs (maybe more), am stronger than I have been in years, and am getting RIPPED. I plan to continue climbing the strength ladder and telling everyone I know about your program.**
The Spartan Ladder has changed the way I look at strength training. I was a one body part per day kind of guy. But , that is no longer the case! I always had this driven fear of over training. I mean, squats 3x's a WEEK!? REALLY!?
Guess what? I had to start my squatting from scratch with my first week being only done with a 45lb bar. That was embarrassing! 

However, 7 weeks later I am up to 155lbs in clean "Ass to grass" squats. Not only that, but my quads have grown from 22 inches to just over 24! In 7 weeks!

Stiff legged dead lifts have also greatly increased from 135lbs to 220. I am amazed! I can actually do 6 China ups with weight plates dangling. Awesome!

My biggest point I need to make is this. I am 41 years old. I never thought I would put much size on at this age. I want my bf % to drop a lot more since I weigh 200lbs. But I am lean enough that I can see big things happening to my body. I am now very motivated with the Warrior spirit of the Spartan!

I have change my mindset and I have change my attitude. You cannot change my mental and physical strength, but you can change yours!**
Kris McClain
I want to thank you for this program. It gave me direction when I had none. It put me back on a healthy path.

I got divorced about 2 years ago and fell into depression. I literally had to walk out on my family , my home and everything I put my all into. I did not leave my kids who was my only shining light.

I drank basically every day for those 2 years trying to drown the pain and anger. As I felt worse and worse realizing that alcohol only killed the pain momentarily I realized I was not being a good example for my kids nor was I moving forward in my life in any aspect.

I did not want to be there anymore. I looked online for months at programs and telling myself I would go to the gym tomorrow for about six months.

Then I found your program and I'm not exactly sure why but it spoke to me.

Your message was awesome and motivated me to get to the gym the next day. I have stopped drinking alcohol and drink water and protein shakes now.

You have changed my life inside and outside.
I thank you with all of my heart. I plan on continuing your program.

I look forward to all my gains in every aspect of my life . I am sharper mentally and physically thanks to your message and excellent training program."**
chuck k
Hi Ryan,
The biggest concept and or strategy I've learned is making one change at a time. Not doing everything at once, "slowing the car down before you turn it around" as you put it.
Because like you said, turning the wheel when your going full speed and your just going to flip over. What makes this way of life so much better then others is the way the Spartan 7 is structured. I might work out Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday for that spartan 7.. Well maybe things change the next week. "Fuck I got a birthday party to go to on Sunday, gotta take the kids swimming on Tuesday" well once my spartan week ends, guess what.. I just change all the days and times around to a new date and time to accommodate that week (spartan 7) it's pretty. Much bullet proof when you just take it one week at a time. I may not be super huge or a bodybuilder, but after implenting small changes one at a time! I've been able to do things I never thought possible, like drink only water.. Never thought I could do that, not forever but hey.. We're not talking forever were only talking about 7 days! A spartan 7! It's easy when it's laid out like that. And I'm climbing the spartan strength ladder which is the name of the game. And the last thing I'll mention which has hit home the most with me "if you keep doing what you've always done... You'll keep getting what you've always gotten" playing that over in my head whenever I make a decision for the gym, my work life, my family life has really changed things around for me for the better. If you want something to be different then you gotta do something different! The smallest decisions make up the majority of results! 80/20!! Love the spartan way! Love the coaching emails! For sure worth the money! Other programs don't offer this kind of support. Keep up the good work! **
Wanted to drop you a quick line to mention that I absolutely love the approach here (a Spartan Rises). I've been buying 'tools' like P90X, Insanity, T25, a program called 'MI40' (from Ben Pakulski), Books like Body for Life, the 12-second Sequence (Jorge Cruz = total moron, btw), and TONS of other stuff, since 2008. I've always failed to finish these programs because I never had the right mindset. I feel like I'm starting to understand and wrap my head around this missing element and how that contributed to my prior failures. Your podcasts are great, the Spartan Rises videos are fantastic (the ones i've seen so far) and it just feels like this is the one tool I stumbled upon that woke me up. Given that I've purchased so much garbage in the past, I was reluctant to buy 'A Spartan Rises'. I now feel like this was one of the best things I've bought.

I also want to comment on one of the major differences in this program from any other, which is the unlocking of the videos for each Spartan 7. It's perfect for me because it forces me to take changing my mindset one step at a time, and gives me something to 'earn' and look forward to. Also the emails I get are based on what I've unlocked so far so I feel like i'm not getting too much information. No other programs I've seen work this way and I believe this will be the reason that I succeed with you. I can tell a tremendous amount of work was put into this and I want to let you know I (and a lot of other people) appreciate it - VERY MUCH.

Are you on instagram? I was thinking of documenting my journey on there with the following username: @risingspartan - i thought it could be kind of my 'awesome log' that you talked about haha.

Anyway, really do want to thank you again Ryan. Looking forward to to MOVING FORWARD!!**
Hi Ryan,
   It's important to me that you know I could not be more satisfied with your program and in my training. I've been lifting for more than 30 years, never thought I was an expert but felt as though I knew enough to get around the gym. Wow, eye opener! I've given this 1000% and it's paying off, big time! I learn in each and every Spartan 7. I'm focused and continue to climb the spartan ladder. Looking back, I'm really astounded at the way I used to workout -no more, thanks buddy!
   To answer your question I overtrained and then after that, I overtrained. After that, thrown in for good measure, I overtrained doing a lot of isolation exercises on top of it. I got bad information somewhere that you have to change up your exercises routinely, otherwise you will fail and not grow because of muscle memory. So I changed up my exercises after 2 - 3 sets. ("I never got good at doing each exercise" - I wonder who straightened me out there?). THAT was the biggest eye-opener for me when I opened up Spartan Rises, focused simplicity!
   Before Spartan Rises, I could count the number of squats and dead lifts that I had done on one hand, together. As far as dips and pull ups, if you told me that I would need to hang weight on a belt I would say, "ok, in what life". I pushed and worked hard with the weights but never kept logs. I never had carbs with my whey isolate. My prior job required me to work rotating night and day 12 hour shifts. Get 8 plus hours a night you say, how about less than 8 hours for the whole 3 shift weekend, trying to get sleep in during the days. Next rotation sleep during the night. Your body can't switch its clock like that! Often I would be awake for more than 36 hours straight. My body was not concerned with growing (ya think). I could go on and on. About the only thing I did correctly was drink a tone of water. I purchased a quality under-the-counter Reverse Osmosis water system that has paid for itself a bazilian times over. I needed a lot of caffeine to keep going. I learned myself that caffeine actually made me weaker in the gym. There was a direct correlation between the amount of coffee I drank and my performance lifting. For me, anymore than 1 cup of coffee, I would lose strength. It probably has something to do with it being a diuretic. For the life of me, I can't understand why companies put caffeine in their mixes, maybe because it's ultimately addictive! 

      I have always been a hard gainer (big surprise I know) but kept my high school weight, I'm almost 50 years old and weigh 161 lb at 5' 11. After about 6 weeks of Spartan Rises I'm much stronger and leaner. My overall weight has not increased at this point but I can tell you somewhere between week 4 and 5 my body started changing. I look forward every day to continue training. Really, it's embarrassing and frustrating to me looking back at the time that was wasted.
     Incidentally, I wasn't looking for a workout program. I was searching UTUBE because my ice maker broke and I wanted to fix it myself. Somehow, The Workout Corner came up during my searches and it resonated with me. Somebody can tell you what to do until they are blue in the face, have that person explain why you need to do something and the change will happen (I have two teenagers). Needless to say I appreciated your approach and wanted more- Spartan Rises. Just saying, if you keep an open mind you never know what might transpire in life. I didn't even want an ice maker way back when, I bought it because my wife likes ice! I did fix it, but not that day!**
I have been really consistent on the spartan workout for the past month, sometimes though i only workout 2 times a week! However I have always kept climbing the spartan ladder as a key success !

Well, I can testify, it does work! even too much I start thinking :) in a month my body has totally changed, packed on serious muscle, looking so much bigger! my pants. T shirt (L) and Shirts barely fit my new body.

Its been only a month and I haven’t really started watching my food intake. I even think I will have to start to be careful here otherwise, I will really become too HUGE.

Anyway, I wanted to pass this along! Because of you Ryan one of my dream comes true, I feel better, more confident, and SLEEP so much better! I really love more and more your philosophy. This is simple, intense and efficient! I only workout for 50min and I am done!

I will send you out a few pictures during summer after losing some fat to show you a before and after!

THANK YOU SO MUCH man! however I have one complain though, who is going to pay for my new clothes LOL**
I am very pleased with the program. Although I am 68 years old, I have increased my strength and notice improved appearance (including losing that last 5 pounds I have been chasing for years.) The small increments advancing from workout to workout have so far produced continued forward progress (thanks for the advice on eventual plateaus-I will deal with those as recommended when they occur.) When doing the workouts at the gym I have been approached by younger members with compliments-one can't ask for better motivation to continue climbing the ladder-a very clever approach which has certainly been working for me. **
I just wanted to say thank you. Ive been following your workout videos, motivating emails and food intake system for years. They've literally sculpted my life. they way I eat, workout and present myself. The only reason I haven't bought your spartan rises system is that I have not needed it. After purchasing your food intake system and following your youtube videos it was all i really needed to get where i wanted to be. So again thank you. In my opinion you are the best at what you do, which is making an average person into a spartan. I'm sure I'm not the only one who really appreciates it, you CLEARLY put alot of effort into your followers.
Thanks again, **
Enjoying the program so far. Who wouldn't love seeing themselves get stronger and move up in weight every workout! Getting to the point where the increases aren't happening like it was in the beginning but progress is progress. Thanks for the program, your system is remarkable. I'm looking forward to future gains! **
Jason Laird
I have to say that the Spartan training program is deceptively simple and yet extremely effective. By making every set goal oriented I am driven to push myself. Even though sometimes I fail to go up another rung of the ladder, there is always the next exercise or next training session. I (and my wife) have seen gains all over; balanced gains. Perhaps you should put a warning message about clothing fitting tighter around your thighs, arms and chest.

This program has helped me learn lots of things about myself. One thing being that I am stronger in the evenings than I am in the mornings. It seems counter intuitive, doesn't it, but this program gives me a way to measure my level of strenght. Another thing I learned is that food cravings are a lot easier to control if I remind myself of where I am on the ladder and where I want to be.

I only wish I have started this 10 years ago.**
Ed W
(was 162 - gained 8 lbs)
I did the 10 week program after a spartan rises instead which went well. Ived trained with your programs for the past 6 months steady building my strength ladder. Squats from 85lbs to my current 245lbs, bench from 85lbs to my curremt 205lbs, deadlift current 205lbs. Ive put on 12 lbs that I have maintained to my current weight of 170lbs at 11% body fat. I love the results, thank you for the program. I would like it if you could recommend whats next for me, ive been thinking stronglifts 5x5 but im not sure if I should do that or isolation stuff. My chest has exploded and my back and legs as well but my arms need help. Im 44 and in better shape than I was at 25, alot stronger at work too! Diet, rest, and training have become a way of life for me and I am patient. **
Jay L.
Good question. I would need to start with the "ease" of your programme ( I mean that loosely, the action isn't easy at all :) ), I mean that once I understood that i was on a journey rather than a quick fix programme my whole outlook changed. This has been the biggest benefit I believe.

I am no longer chasing the latest fad, listening to those lost souls at the gym or getting sucked into the next breakthrough in health magazines.

That coupled with your encouraging emails and podcasts I have been able to maintain a whole new focus towards training, and to life in general. The Spartan Strenght ladder & strenght log allows me to accurately monitor my journey whilst my "Spartan Hot Gates" have helped immensely with my food and water intake.

All in all Ryan, I don't really want this programme to end & I know i will be making reference back to emails and videos as my journey continues.

I stumbled upon ur programme as so many do, trolling the net for the next best thing, the latest "in" programme.

I expected another 2-6 wk programme promising the earth.

But what I found was not a programme, but a lifestyle.

I was taught that I was on a journey that takes time & focus.

The programme &motivational emails, podcasts ring true & I am able to balance my work, life & gym like never before.

I have nothing but praise for my Doctore Ryan & I would recommend this programme for anyone who is lost in the fitness world.

I look forward to signing up to your next programme Ryan if ever u release one.**
Simon your Spartan down under
So the reason I started the spartan program to begin with was to improve my biggest problem area which was my chest. During the Spartan program I went from either 39.5 or 40" (i forget what exactly, but it was somewhere around there) up to 43.5". All during the 9 weeks. When I switched to the Muscle & growth I changed my dips from close to wide per suggestions on the spartan facebook page, and I actually lost an inch... I was back down around 42" until recently when I switched back to the close grip, and I'm starting to see improvement again.

I've also been able to rebalance and slowly lean out while maintaining my current weight. I still have ways to go, but i'm getting closer and closer to my goal of obtaining my ideal Greek proportions all the time.

No other real positive outcomes other than that. Ladies I run into on the street aren't swooning or anything, but dudes at work do say I'm looking pretty jacked. ...I dunno... I guess that's somethng, but it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for ...HA! To be fair I haven't had a chance to go out much in the last year since bulking up. I've just been way too busy so I'll have to keep you posted.

Seriously though I've always been in pretty good shape, and this program is really helping me hit those problem areas to get a more balanced physique. Also it's the only program I've ever recommended to other people, and I've been lifting for over 15 yrs.

side note:

I did add some side delt, and trap stuff. Mostly because those are some of my favorite exercises, and I can't stand not doing them. 
And I did add an arm day during the 1st part of the muscle & growth, but I switch to the 4 day a week phase next week so I'll cut that back out.**
Brett E.
The Spartan workout from Ryan at workout corner has given me the best results I have had yet.
From the age of 18 I have been tall and skinny.

From this age I have tried to gain muscle and have always failed.

I was going to the gym and lifting the wrong weight with the wrong diet.
I never seen any results and just put it down to metabolism.

7 years later, i then started the spartan training and after 7 weeks I am bigger than I have ever been.i have gained 14lbs and enjoy going to the gym.

Thanks for a workout that doesnt get boring and is simple to follow. Diet is the hardest aspect for me but i am finding it easier with the food guide **
Thanks Ryan
Craig F.
My story.
Being 72 and a double hip replacement recipient, I was wary about approaching heavy duty standing weight exercises because the new hips are only balls in nylon sockets without anything in between but under Ryan's tutelage and alternate seated exercises, not only has my weight tolerance has improved substantially I am continuing to develope discernible muscle. Considering my age this is a vast improvement over previous regimens.
So guys take heart and advise from a person of advancing years and disabilities, follow Ryan's instructions closely and you too will enjoy the results that I continue to enjoy. Stay with it' never retreat or surrender.**
Ray Soper

**Individual results may vary
Popular Questions
Is Nutrition / Food Covered?
Yes! You'll get full access to the Nectar of Hercules™ food intake system which includes pre-planned meals, food maps, customizable meal plans, food intake coaching videos and everything you need to supply your body with the best foods it can use to get you jacked and ripped.
Do I have to belong to a gym?
While it is helpful to belong to a gym, it is not required. Carefully selected substitute exercise are included for home workouts or equipment you don't have access to. If you are working out at home you will want a pair of dumbbells at minimum.
Do I need to work out 2-3 + hours a day?
NO! This is a MANAGEABLE program. You will spend less than 1 hour working out. 3x-5x week, max. Less than 4% of your week. Because this program is designed to get maximum leverage out of your training, you are not required to invest hours and hours at the gym.
Do I need to buy any crazy equipment?
NO! This program is focused on what made the Spartans great - SIMPLICITY and STRENGTH. NO crazy equipment needed or wanted.
Do I have to radically change my diet to lose weight?
There are no radical changes in A Spartan Rises™ training program. Every step is designed to be incremental which makes it feel more natural and provides a smoother transition to you adding better habits to your life.