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Complete Spartan lifestyle transformation & food intake system with Doctore mindset coaching. Backed by 60 Day Double-Your Money Back Guarantee.
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60 Day Double Money Back Guarantee

That's right. I'll refund you TWICE the cost of A Spartan Rises Lifestyle System™ if you complete the system and are not satisfied (for any reason).

"$2000 value..."

More Compliments than Ever

 "Into the final week of the program and still climbing up the strength ladder nicely.

I've been going to the gym for nearly a year now but I've had more compliments in the last month or so than the previous 11 combined!

Appearance wise, I can see some abs fighting through somewhere which I never thought would happen. I've also had to drill a new hole in my belt and snip the arms on a short sleeved shirt I have because the guns won't fit in em any more haha.

I really get on well with this training, it's so simple to adapt and fit in with your life it doesn't matter if you have to move days around etc. which is great as I'm sure you all have just as busy lives as I do."

-Rik F.

Six Pack Abs at 60?

 "I was doubtful that I would be able to adopt Ryan’s teachings and disciplines provided in the Spartan Program because of my travel schedule.
But with Ryan’s inspiration and coaching I was able to redesign my demanding business travel existence and actually support my strength and fitness objectives.
Which, by the way, as of today… at age 60, I have six pack abs, 10.7% body fat and more muscle than I had in my 30’s… thanks to A Spartan Rise program."

-Joe K.

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Confidence has Soared...

"First of all, thank you for this awesome program.

It is simply the best I’ve ever used and the results are amazing. I am 52 years old and starting to get into the best shape of my life. My wife, two daughters (16 and 20) and my 20 year old son are also doing the work outs. We are growing closer as a family and they are looking to me for how to get in shape (I am truly their Doctore Dad).

 I am climbing the strength ladder and getting ripped. My confidence has soared! I am motivated in every area of life.

Thank you for everything Doctore."

-Chris H.

A Spartan is Rising - Week 8! Currently 173lbs.

"My biggest strategy or lesson from A Spartan Rises is probably "measurement".

I would work out, but with no real plan. Will the strength ladder it measures your progress. 

With the simple 7 I just realized it wasn't the strongest 7 and moved on to the next.

Great program!  Looking forward to keeping it up."

-Jason T. - All Rights Reserved