Just Push 'Play'...
...and Dance the Night Away!
Date Night: Living Room Dancing
Enjoy a romantic night learning some simple moves all in the comfort of your own home!
  • NO Dance Experience Needed: 
    PERFECT for people with "TWO Left Feet" or guys who "don't dance"
  • Instant Access! Stream Online to Your TV or Computer: Practice in privacy & convenience of your own home
  • Rekindle the Romance: Enjoy a 'done for you' date night that will leave you both feeling more connected, passionate and happy
Who is this for?
This digital date night is for couples who want to practice some simple dancing together.  This is for BEGINNERS / non-dancers. It's OK if one of you knows how to dance (just have to be patient with the non-dancer :) ).

This is not a program for advanced dancers, it's to help people with 'two left feet' or little to no confidence on the dance floor build up that confidence in the privacy of their own home.
What do we get?
Unlimited access to Living Room Dance Program. It's a series of 10 power packed online videos that will get you both dancing confidently together.

Plan to book out a 45-90 minute romantic 'date night' that will help you two get some simple and fun dance moves down so you feel confident to dance anytime you go out together. 
What style of dance is this?
This is social swing / country swing dancing.

Which means these moves are universal so you can dance them to ANY music, ANYWHERE. It's the swiss army knife of dance moves :)
How many lessons?
Glad you asked! This is a popular question but focuses on the wrong thing: activity (instead of OUTCOMES).

I focus strictly on giving you RESULTS. 

And the OUTCOME you'll get by the end of this date night is simple: you'll both know 5 moves, that when combined (like I show you in this program) will make it look like you know 50+ to anyone watching. 

So the next time you are at a concert, wedding, or anywhere there is music on BOTH of you will have the confidence to step out and dance. 

Is this good for our Wedding First Dance?
If possible I always recommend working with a local instructor.  However I understand time, budget and perhaps even a partner not wanting to are all factors that come into play.

If that is the case then yes this will absolutely help you with your first dance so you don't end up just swaying back and forth on the dance floor.

Many couples have mentioned that after going through this program they both had the confidence and excitement to want to take more lessons in person so that is an option too!
What is Early Bird discount?
For a limited time I'm offering an early bird discount for couples who agree to go through the program and provide feedback about their experience afterwards.  The discount will automatically be applied on the next page. 
How do we access the program?
You will get digital access right away! You can stream the videos to your Smart TV, Computer and/or Smartphone. There are *no* DVDs shipped.
What if we don't like it?
No problem! 100% refund no questions asked, I want this to be a great, fun, romantic experience and if you don't enjoy it simply email letting me know and I'll get you taken care of.
Reviews from Social Media
"It's perfect for any skill level"
"Had a great Friday night dancing"
"My Fiancee didn't want to take public lessons..."
"Does it work?"
"...enrich our marriage and deepen our love..."
"Couldn't stop acting like a giggly middle school girl :)"
"0 dance experience and caught on very easily""